We are an organization dedicated to protecting your freedom to chose whether or not to belong to a union.

This site was set up several years ago with the support of workers like you. We continue to help people daily, to free themselves from non-democratic unions and are supported by your donations.

This website has been set up to give people a choice if they are not happy with their union.  You can download information about how to get rid of your union, or how to form your own union or how to change unions.

What Are We?

If you need help or if you think you can help people, we could really use it. You can call us free of charge at anytime, 1-844-510-8255

This website is being changed and modified almost daily so if you are printing its contents and working from them make sure to check back and see if anything has changed.  As an example, we received feedback that when having the first few meetings about forming your own union you were required to keep minutes, but that is apparently not true.  Minutes are only required when you are actually setting up the Constitution and By-laws of your new union.  The “is there any interest?” meetings can be informal and need not be documented.

If you have any other questions about the process you can send us an email help@takebackyourunion.com.

January 2018

4 thoughts on “About Us

    1. Adam,

      We have been approached by a group that is running a crowd funding effort to help pay for things like consultants and lawyers. The decertification process in Ontario is unbelievably complicated and employees often have no way to get real help. This is legal and unions will hate it.

      If you (or any readers) would like to learn about how this might work, send us a note, just like you did for this comment.

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