This has been written for two different groups of people, those who are union free now and want to start a union at their workplace (certification) and those who are in a union now but want to get rid of that union (decertification) and start their own.

If you are union free

If you are union free now and feel that you need a union in your workplace, there are literally hundreds of unions in Canada who would be happy to call you all members. If you have no opinion about which union would be best for you simply call one of them and they will help you for free. This is by far the easiest and most inexpensive method for certifying a union in Canada.

If like so many others you feel that you need to have a union but don’t like what’s out there you can form your own union. These are sometimes called “Associations” or “Workers Associations”, either way they are still unions in the eyes of Canadian Labour Boards. If this is your group then go to our page on how to form you own union.  It is still very new but we will be adding to it as we move forward.

If you are unionized

If you are unionized but not happy with the union that represents you then you could form your own union, or you could try to change unions.  Changing unions is called a “raid”. Most unions in Canada have formal written agreements that they will not raid each other’s members. This means that if you are unhappy with your union and you want a different union you will have to decertify your old union before you can recertify with a new union.

Once you’re decertified, the new union should be able to take over and finish the recertification for you at no cost. Be very sure that the union you plan to join will take you as members; you should call them and confirm that they will.  If you would like to form your own union rather than trust any of those that are already out there, go to our page on how to form a union.  It is still very new but we will be adding to it as we move forward.

To decertify your current union just go to our section on decertification, download the forms, follow the instructions and you can get rid of your union.

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